It's not uncommon to scroll through your Facebook news feed and see someone asking for this kind of recommendation:

Podcast recommendations
Mandy James via Facebook

Podcasts are more popular than ever right now; next to terrestrial radio, it's the most intimate form of communication between an "entertainer" and their audience.

They keep you company while you're on the treadmill, educate you while you're taking a hot shower, make you laugh while you're in the car and sometimes keep you up late at night because the material is just that gripping.

Then there's those podcasts that you probably shouldn't listen to alone, and in the dark; but if you have a morbid curiosity about unsolved murders, controversies and mysteries, then you'll really enjoy The Generation Why podcast.

According to Century Link, it's the most popular creepy podcast in Illinois.

Most Popular Creepy Podcasts
Century Link

If shows like Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery is your thing, but you don't have access to cable, this podcast might be right up your alley.

What podcasts would you recommend?

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