People always ask me how I lost 30 pounds and manage to keep it off.

It's not an easy task. It takes help from my trainer, Therese, at Anytime Fitness, motivation and personalized work out plans from my success coach, Angie, at Complete Nutrition, discipline, determination and dancing. Yes, dancing.

It's sort of my thing. I'm pretty much the girl in the gym who doesn't care whose watching, because most of the time, I act like no one is.

Case in point- this video, taken by Anytime Fitness personal trainer, Kaleb Price.

Thankfully Kaleb only caught my warm-up, but I'm pretty sure if you ask Chuck over at the Edgebrook location to pull the security footage, you'll see more of this:

That's my stairmaster sister, Nettie; who, like me, knows how to rock some steps.

Protip: dancing is actually super efficient and more effective in losing weight on the stairmaster. You can increase your heart rate and burn more calories with less effort. Why climb thousands of stairs and reach the top of a building 103 stories high when you can just dance it out?

You can actually come see my dance moves at Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall on Saturday, November 4th from 10-12. Anytime Fitness will be there to showcase their new group fitness sessions and raise money to place wreaths on local veterans tombstones for the holidays. Stop on out.

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