According to Google, Women in Illinois are big cheaters... or, they just want to know what to do if they decide to cheat on their boyfriends.

I say boyfriends and not husbands because, well that's what the study says!

According to a Century Link Quote survey from 2018, the number one relationship questions that people in Illinois searched for last year was, 'I cheated on my boyfriend.'

Century Link Quote
Century Link Quote

Which weirdly isn't even a question at all.

Most states were searching for things like, 'how to kiss,' 'does he love me?; 'how to get over a breakup,' or 'how to break up.'

But not us.

Only one other state was also searching, 'I cheated on my boyfriend,' and that was Pennsylvania.

There were two states who were searching, 'I cheated on my girlfriend,' those were our warmer friends, California and Florida.

What's my take away from this? The world is reading what I'm Google-ing.

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