There are a lot of things I don't know, and for those times when I want to learn more about those things, I go to my good friend Google.

"Why does my back my hurt?"

"Why do I still get zits at 38?"

"Why do people suck?"

It only gets weirder from there and should you ever get your hands on my laptop, you'll see some of the other outrageous things that I'm searching for answers for, but nothing tops the most Googled "Why do..." question in Illinois.

According to Mental Floss, it's "Why do dogs have tails?"

Mental Floss
Mental Floss

Have you ever wondered this? Yeah, me either; but I bet your kind of curious now, right?

Psychology Today says that dogs have tails for the following reasons:

  • "to assist the dog in his balance"
  • "it serves as a sort of signal flag that communicates information about the animal's emotional state."
  • " it acts like a fan which spreads his unique scent around him."

Want to see more? See what other states are searching least we're not Idaho.

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