If you love the drive-in, you need to get in on this.

Pause your favorite movie because a couple of Illinois drive-ins are in USA Today's 10 Best polls for America's best, and they'll need your votes.


Two different drive-ins are nominated in The Land of Lincoln, showing the rest of the US that we know about a good outdoor movie theater.

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The Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In in Gibson City is the first movie theater nominated.

It has been around since 1954, has two screens, and somehow survived a tornado.

Harvest Moon Twin Drive-in Theatre
Harvest Moon Twin Drive-in Theatre

Oh yeah, they also have a Burger Barn loaded with much more than your typical concession stand, so sign me up.

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The other outdoor movie theater in Illinois nominated for Best in America is the Skyview Drive-In.

Skyview Drive-in Movie Theater via Facebook
Skyview Drive-in Movie Theater via Facebook

This joint is in Belleville and has been around longer than the Harvest Moon.

Opened in 1949, it might be the ultimate classic drive-in movie experience.

They are also pet-friendly, so bring the pup. Just please, no barking.


Somehow, the Midway Drive-In in Sterling wasn't nominated, but they'd have my vote if it were solely up to me.

You can vote for Harvest Moon or Skyview drive-ins through Monday, May 13 at USA Today.

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