Is the hot dog Chicago's "quintessential food?" Given its hype, you must believe it's the truth.

That's because 24/7 Tempo has laid out a list of the must-try restaurants in every state, and Illinois' choice is a total banger.


As a youngster, I often frequented this hot dog stand; seeing Superdawg still crushing it in the food game was fantastic.

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Even if hot dogs aren't your bag, you should try the Polish; it'll change your life.

Anyway, 24/7 Tempo has some other positivity to share, specifically about the hot dogs, saying, "There's no better place to experience it than Superdawg," while adding they haven't changed their custom recipe hot dogs since "day one."


On the show 3 Days to Open, Superstar celebrity chef Bobby Flay talked about Superdawg and referred to their food as "delicious."

The whole video is about Superdawg and how tight of a ship they run over there, and it's a scene. See the video below.

Despite all the hype and the folks who pilgrimage to try a hot dog, Superdawg Drive-In still rakes in the positive reviews on Yelp.


After nearly 2000 critical reviews on the site, Superdawg is still at a four out of five.

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It's astounding as Salena C. calls Superdawg "such a classic," and Felina V. says, "A trip to Chicago isn't complete without a Superdawg" and "every single thing on the menu is delicious."

Try Superdawg Drive-In in person at 6363 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

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