Do you workout? What time do you get your sweat on, apparently for fat burning it should be in the morning.

Working out is tough. And when it's NEGATIVE DEGREES outside... it's even tougher. But you know you should work out sometimes. But what times and why?

Aren't you in luck? I found a recent study from Business Times to help us out.

Ok, so here'd the deal. Morning workouts do something different for our bodies than later in the day workouts.

The study was done on mice... so take it for what it's worth... but based on the study the mice that worked out in the morning JOGGING ON LITTLE TREADMILLS (I mean come on, how cute is that to picture in your mind??!!) were able to tackle fat loss better than their evening workout mice counterparts.

Get this, the control group sat on locked wheels throughout the morning hour to make sure they didn't secretly work out on their own.

However there was a different result for the evening running mice, they were able to better control their blood sugar.

So. I guess the questions are... do you think this study on mice workouts are equal to that of humans?

And question two... are you working out to lose fat or to reduce blood sugar?

All I know is that I hope those mice were wearing sweatbands.

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