No matter what today throws at you, this video will make you smile.

We all have 'bad day' cures. Maybe yours is Cabernet, or crappy reality TV shows, mine is my nephew Anderson.

Sure, every once in a while he looks at me and yells, 'A Chelle, no talking!!!!!!!' But aside from that, his little Charlie Brown smile and voice when he says, 'luv you,' always makes me forget whatever I'm upset about it.

His 'Austin Powers' performance this weekend made me laugh so hard I cried and I have to share it with you.

I mean, what other two-year-old is shaking in a side plank like that?

Here's the actual 'Austin Powers' opening scene, which I'm now positive my brother has had my nephew study for his next performance.

So even, if like me... you spilled your watery oatmeal all over yourself and the hallway at work this morning, and least you can smile watching this!

And if you don't crack a smile, we gotta get you some Monday Cabernet.

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