This natural wonder is probably best seen when it's not super cold, but nonetheless it's the best in Illinois and not too far from Rockford.

Full disclosure, I've heard of but never been to Starved Rock. More honesty, I'm not really into hikes or walking for walking sake.

However, there are some people who love it, and I'm happy for them because the "Top Natural Wonder" in Illinois seems breathtaking.

The Active Times says Starved Rock's "Saint Louis Canyon is perfect for hikers of any skill level. The trail leads explorers to a particularly beautiful waterfall cascading down to a shallow pool with a rocky backdrop that’s quite bright and verdant in the warmer months."

Maybe this finally gets me into hiking, I doubt it, but who knows? If I'm going to be into hiking might as well do it at a place that's considered the best.

Have you been to Saint Louis Canyon at Starved Rock? Is it the best natural wonder in Illinois?

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