If it's on your spring and summer bucket lists to visit one of the most beautiful places in Illinois, look no further than a State Park you'll fall in love with.

I have never been an outdoorsy person just because I've spent majority of my life glued to my phone and scrolling on social media.  It wasn't until I started dating my current boyfriend that I decided to put down my phone and live in the moment.

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Emily Manisone
Emily Manisone

Going on hikes and being surrounded by nature is truly one of the most therapeutic things you can feed your mind.  I wanted to share one of my favorite places to hike at in Illinois because we don't like a gatekeeper!

One Of The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Illinois For Spring & Summer

This place was voted the #1 Attraction in the state of Illinois.  If you don't believe me, check their website!   Starved Rock State Park is the place to be, no doubt.

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They have tons of waterfalls that are extremely active in the spring after it rains and they're breathtaking to see in person.  When you're standing in front of any of the waterfalls, you won't be able to believe beauty like these exist!

Look at this one I witnessed.  Gorgeous!

Emily Manisone
Emily Manisone

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It's crazy that hidden gems like these exist all around us.

You can also go on guided hikes, explore caves, stay at their campsites, and walk through canyons.  Starved Rock gives you a different experience depending on the season, but spring and summer are the best times of the year to go!

"Amazing, seasonal waterfalls are active in the spring and after heavy rains. We have 13 miles of trails to explore and the Illinois River offers fishing, boating, extraordinary views and great places to relax."

Take in the views at one of the most beautiful places to hike at in Illinois this spring and summer - Starved Rock State Park!  It's open daily from 7am to sunset.

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