Have you ever wanted to see a giant version of the crane arcade game? You can see one in your backyard if you happen to need a tree removed.

I'm a sucker for an arcade game. Give me a token (or 100 tokens) and I'll see you later. I love playing all of the games but there's one game I could never win as much as I wanted to.

The crane game.

I could try and try and try but never seemed to be able to grab a stuffed animal.

My brother, however, was the king of the crane machine. He seemed to win more than half the time he played, which is pretty good for an arcade game. Maybe he should swap careers and start working for Sisson's Tree Service.

Last night on Good Day Stateline, Sisson's stopped by to show off their tree removing crane.

Yes, they basically have a giant crane game set up to remove trees from your house simply without a big mess.

And it's cool to watch.

I live in an apartment so I'm likely not in need of removing any trees but I wouldn't mind mindlessly watching this machine work for a few hours if you schedule something and need someone to watch them work - I'm your girl!

What arcade games are you the best at? We always want to hear from you inside the 97ZOK app.

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