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To serve and protect, and deliver your baby? wrex

Wednesday morning, Trooper Finn who is a 17-year veteran arrived on scene on I-55 to a "medical emergency." The medical emergency was a baby that was just born. Trooper Fill wrapped the newborn baby in a blanket for warmth, and waited for the ambulance to show up to get the mother and new baby to the hospital.

“I am happy to hear the baby and mother are doing well. As a First Responder instructor with the ISP, Trooper Finn is a seasoned officer with medical response training. Our Troopers are always ready to help when needed. In this case, the baby did not want to wait for Trooper Finn and decided to greet him as he arrived.” - Captain Michael Kraft Illinois State Police

This is the perfect chance to remind people of "Scott's Law" of the Illinois State Police or the "Move Over Law." Drivers are required to change lanes when a stationary, emergency vehicle is on the side of the road. This also includes vehicles with hazards/flashers on, also any highway maintenance vehicles that has flashing lights on. From Riverbend the first fine for no obeying this law will receive a fine of no less than $250 or more than $10,000. If there is an accident resulting in injury, there will be a loss of license...six months to two years.

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