A winery in Illinois gives every dollar they receive as tips to a different local charity each month. 

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When you said cheers to the new year, did you clink a glass with someone? Was that glass maybe filled with sparkling wine? Perhaps you got the bottle from Lynfred Winery in Roselle, Illinois, if you did, and you left a tip, you were part of the $940 Lynfred donated to Roselle Community Food Pantry in December.

I've been stopping by Lynfred Winery for the past 15 years, it's about ten minutes from where I grew up, so you know the minute I turned 21 I had to visit, but I had no idea that they took their tip money each month and gave it to a local charity. How amazing is that?

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Lynfred considers itself a 'non-tipping facility.' According to their Facebook page, they donate 100% of their tips to a local charity.

December's charity was the Roselle Community Food Pantry and this month they are helping the pups in the area by donating to Last Stop Rescue.

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I love how Last Stop Rescue framed this when they shared it on their Facebook page, a great reason to maybe skip dry January this year!

If you need a recommendation, try the cranberry wine, it's my fave!

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