A woman in Illinois made a horrific discovery that can finally give her some closure after 8 months searching for her missing husband.

It's stories like this that make me realize we take life for granted a lot.  We don't know when it'll be our last day with our loved ones, so remember to cherish every moment when you can.

Illinois Woman Finds Husband's Body 8 months After Disappearance

Jennifer Maedge's husband, Richard, went missing in April of last year.  Despite the search by police multiple times, his body was nowhere to be found.

New York Post - Youtube
New York Post - Youtube

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According to police, Jennifer's home was considered a "hoarder house" with a foul smell.  After she called authorities after noticing the odor, their second search was also unsuccessful.

Richard's sister, Marilyn, posted endlessly on Facebook regarding Richard's disappearance in hopes someone had seen him.

She said,

"neighbors and the mailman had reported a bad smell coming from the house and that her sister-in-law initially thought her freezer went out." [bnd]


After Jennifer went into a concealed closet in her home to grab Christmas decorations, she discovered her husband's lifeless body.

Due to the condition he was in, they ruled Richard's death as a suicide and foul play was ruled out.

New York Post - Youtube
New York Post - Youtube

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Jennifer and Richard were married for 19 years before this incident.

"Marilyn Toliver, Richard Maedge’s sister, is now blaming Troy police for what she maintains was a shoddy investigation." [stltoday]


No matter what, check in on your loved ones.  We never know what someone else is going through all the time.  Glad the family could get closure to his whereabouts.

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