Most of us only think about pumpkins in the fall, but some farmers spend all year working on their pumpkins, including Theresa who just won third place in the giant pumpkin contest. 

From December until about August I don't think about pumpkins much at all. Maybe if I'm looking through my Christmas decorations and accidentally tumble upon a Halloween item, or if I'm playing with one of my nieces or nephews and they want to read a Halloween book, but usually pumpkins are a three month thought.

That's not true for everyone, especially Theresa Miller, who just won third place in the annual Heap's Giant Pumpkin contest in Minooka, Illinois.

Heap's Giant Pumpkin Contest

Heap's Giant Pumpkin Farm has been in Minooka since 1866. It's the place to be if you're a giant pumpkin grower or anyone who likes spend time getting lost in corn mazes, taking hayrides or picking pumpkins to take home.

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The Illinois Great Pumpkin Association Weigh-Off was on September 30th this year at noon. Each year the association hosts the event featuring giant pumpkins that weigh well over a thousand pounds.

This year, George Janowiak took home first place for his giant pumpkin.

And Theresa Miller from Stillman Valley came in third place. According to, her pumpkin weighed in at 1,600 pounds and the pumpkin's name is 'baby.'

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How Long Does it Take to Grow a Giant Pumpkin?

According to Theresa, it takes about six months to grow a pumpkin like this. The Illinois Giant Pumpkin Growers Association suggests you start in April and gives very detailed instructions on how to get your pumpkin to grow as large as possible.

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