You hear about Instagram Influencers, but have you ever met one? Meet Hope Linker Jobes. 

Hope was working at an office in marketing when she started her social media company, dreaming of being able to run a business from home instead of clocking in from 9 to 5.

In less than a year, she turned her media marketing business into a company as lucrative as her regular job and was able to quit to focus on the media marketing full time.

She recently rebranded to Chic Communications, I mean how amazing is that? She's created a company and has employees from just an idea??

Her Instagram account @HopeLinkerJobes has over 23,0000 followers, which is absolutely enough to call her an Instagram Influencer.

She's also very sweet and very smart.

She made a stop at Good Day Stateline this week to tell her story and we tried from vegan chic'n nuggets, too.

Chic Communications is a social media and content marketing agency. Basically she and her team help small businesses manage their social media presence, which is pretty cool because say you're a restaurant that makes amazing pasta dishes... chances are you're not also a social media mogul.

I'd take the Hope help for sure.

In case you're wondering the vegan chick'n nuggets we tried are available at Walmart, but they're actually from a virtual restaurant... which is basically a restaurant you can't visit for you can order from.

It looks like it's a Kansas City area spot, but the frozen items are at Walmart all across the county.

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