What animals do you expect to see at the zoo? Monkeys? Zebra? What about kangaroos?! You can see them at one Illinois zoo in Belvidere. 

Going to the zoo is one of the best parts of summer. There's something about knowing you're going to be able to see so many animals in one day, get a little walk in with your friends and family, and maybe a snack or two.

But some zoos are better than others and I can tell you we are so lucky here in the Rockford area that we have the Summerfield Zoo just a short trip away.

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Don't get me wrong, there are great big zoos nearby too. I grew up taking field trips to Brookfield Zoo and Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Milwaukee County Zoo is really great too, but they're not as cool as the Summerfield Zoo.

At Summerfield, you get the chance to get pretty up close and personal with the animals AND there are so many unique species there too!

Including, kangaroos!

Did you know a group of kangaroos are called a 'mob?' Me either!

You can learn a lot at the Summerfield Zoo, too.

The kangaroos are hopping around and waiting for you this summer. Summerfield Zoo is open Wednesdays through Sundays at 3088 Flora Rd in Belvidere. 

Right now, they are open Wednesday through Friday from 9am until 3pm, Saturday from 10am until 5pm and Sunday from 10am until 4pm.

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In addition to exploring the zoo on your own, you can book a private animal encounter with Flash the Sloth or Bruno the Baby Camel.

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