A surprising new study reveals Illinois residents are really tired of eating at home.

That's at least one way to look at it. The other, maybe we're just plain bored?

Illinois restaurants started with outdoor seating in late May and as of today, we're allowed to eat inside but with some big restrictions.

Either way, Chef's Pencil did a study to see just how interested people are in going to restaurants, and the numbers were off the charts.

The number of Americans looking to eat out has surged in the last two weeks, according to Google Trends data, as the country continues to reopen, bringing numbers near to pre-coronavirus levels.

The interest level for eating out in Illinois is at 74, the highest of any state in the Midwest. Tied for 7th highest in the US, if you're keeping score.

The states that had a higher interest in eating out are those that are experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases like Florida and South Carolina. Matter of fact, people in South Carolina are more interested in eating out than any other state in the US.

Whether it's cabin fever, people are itching to eat at restaurants. Now that you can officially eat indoors in Rockford, what's the first restaurant you plan to visit?

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