A now-deleted Reddit post may have given up the location of a secret Taylor Swift fan event happening in Chicago this Thursday.

Hard to trust, but considering the Reddit user made sure the post went away makes us think something is happening in Chicago with Taylor Swift.

The Redditor wrote:


The replies to the post on the Taylor Swift subreddit were, of course, filled with shock and hilarity. Funny, if you like seeing fans get upset that someone is spilling the beans regarding this secret event.

Users said "why are you posting it here?" and "you should probably delete this" in response to the announcement of the secret Taylor Swift event.


Swift already did a "Taylor Swift NOW" event in Chicago earlier this month where she surprised fans.

Lyd-Euh says "How did you get invited? The last people met Tayor, but...uh they were told not to tell anybody about the event at all."

Taylor Swift's next tour date is Saturday, June 30 in Louisville, Kentucky. It's very possible Taylor Swift is on her way back to Chicago to surprise more fans on Thursday.

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