If you're an iPhone user, you should probably check your battery health today, unless you want to pay extra money to get it fixed.

I'm an iPhone addict and I have suffered through many battery issues. While some would say, maybe I should try a different phone, like I said, I'm addicted so that's not gonna happen.

But, I'm thankful I checked my battery last week and saw that it needed to be serviced because from now until the end of the year, Apple is replacing batteries for $29 (plus tax) instead of $79.

I took my phone to the Apple store in Woodfield yesterday, because my battery alerted me that it needed to be serviced. I walked in expecting to pay a lot of money to get this issue resolved and I was pleasantly surprised that Apple was offering a discount for this exact problem.

Now as I'm writing this I think, well, if they knew about this issue why isn't this a free repair?

But $29 is still better than $79, so here's how you can check your battery.

Go to your Settings app, then scroll down until you see Battery. Click on Battery and go to Battery Health.

If it says Service, bring it to an Apple store ASAP to get the sale because if you wait too long you'll be paying full price.

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