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With MLB ballparks opening back up in Illinois, it got me thinking about my favorite parts of going to a game. The crack of the bat, an overpriced jumbo beer, seeing parents take their kids to their first game, and me secretly trying to put JUST ketchup on my hot dog. Yep, I'm that guy when it comes to eating a hot dog, I enjoy ketchup. At Wrigley Field I always feel like I'm doing something illegal or there's going to be some sort of security that jumps out from behind the ivy wall to kick me out.

If you go state by state, there are some bizarre hot dog toppings that make my "just ketchup" seem super normal. Here are some super strange hot dog toppings by state, get ready for this... DELISH


  • Idaho - Mashed Potatoes
  • Hawaii - Spam and Pineapples
  • Delaware - Salt & Vinegar Chips
  • Colorado - Green Chili
  • Alaska - Grilled Coca-Cola Onions
  • Alabama - Boiled Peanuts

The Illinois favorite hot dog toppings are all the items that make up a "Chicago Dog." Tomatoes, pickles, yellow mustard, onions. bright green relish, sport peppers, and celery salt. For me personally that's too much...way too much. But if you are walking Wrigleyville you will see those toppings on the front of Rizzo jerseys everywhere.

So what say you? Here's your "hot dog topping poll question" I left a spot to fill in the blank incase I missed one of your favorites.

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