Has anyone ever told you that they haven't been feeling well, then ask if you if something is going around and suddenly, it's you that doesn't feel well? Oh my gosh, that's so weird, right?

Some of my Facebook friends have mentioned that they've been feeling "a little off," with headaches, nausea and anxiety since Monday. Must've been the solar eclipse, right? Well, that was my first thought.

It sounds crazy; how can something like the movement of celestial bodies have so much power over our body, mind and spirit? According to Redbook Magazine, that's sort of been the theory since ancient times.

Way back in the day, during the full moon, women who were actually in sync with one another would gather in a "moon lodge" and have their periods together. Kind of sounds like a really bad horror movie you'd find on TBS at two o'clock in the morning; but, it was a thing.

Redbook talked to a handful of women who are pretty regular, but they've noticed that their latest period has been longer, heavier and they're PMS symptoms were a lot worse; but when they realized the solar eclipse was coming, it all sort of made sense.

Medical professionals and scientists can't exactly link the eclipse to nonsensical periods, but astrologers and believers in holistic medicine sure do.

According to Allison Walton, an expert in women's health,

"We tend to feel the strongest pulls during the full moon, which may result in heightened emotions and feelings of heaviness on a physical and energetic level."

She goes on to explain that the Earth is most fertile during a full moon, saying,

"Traditionally, the new moon is associated with menstruation, when a woman's body is shedding, releasing, and bleeding."

And our menstrual cycles mirror that of the moons- we have four phases, just as the moon does.

Whoa, did anyone else not know that?

I ask as I check my period tracking app, because now I'm curious to see if and how the solar eclipse will have any impact on my own cycle.

How have you been feeling since the solar eclipse?

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