It's been a long and painful season as a Chicago Bears fan...once again. Here we are getting ready for a nationally broadcasted game on Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers, and the Chicago Bears coaching staff is focused...on decorating a Christmas tree. Just when you think this season can't be MORE disappointing there's this.

During some media interviews offensive line coach for the Chicago Bears, coach Juan Castillo was focused on OL rookie Teven Jenkins...but not his development or his play or his health (dude's back is a mess) but about his attention to detail when it comes to....DECORATING A CHRISTMAS TREE. During Packer week, while you are having a losing season, you praise your rookie for his "detail" in decorating a Christmas Tree?


Holy crap, Aaron Rodgers tells your fan base that he "owns" you, you are days away from a national television audience game where you could get 50 dropped on you, but wow look at that tree!!!

Wanna know what's wrong with the Chicago Bears? EVERYTHING. Top to bottom. This is an example of lack of focus and truly not giving a s**t. I understand that you evaluate players at different positions differently, but I didn't know attention to detail with Christmas Tree decorating meant anything when it comes to NFL player development? Guess I was wrong.

Maybe we will hear next about how clean Teven keeps his shoes, or how well he shares with others? Gold stars all around, big guy. Bear Down Chicago, Bear Down!

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