It's probably been a while since you've purchased one, but if the 90s were your adolescent years, the news of Best Buy phasing out CDs might sting just a little.

After you forgot to pay your Columbia House bill, and it went into collections, Best Buy was one of the best places to stop and load up on CDs to fill up your six disc CD changer in the trunk of your car; it's where you bought your Case Logic disc wallets, CD towers and discs to burn.

Sadly, those days are over.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Best Buy pulled compact discs from store shelves on July 1st; but after a resurgence in popularity, vinyl will still be available for purchase.

If you're old school like me and still buy CDs because your car has a working CD player and they take you back to your nostalgia-filled high school days, you can still purchase them at Target and Walmart, but those will likely be phased out over time, too.

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