With scams on the rise and technology that can be used for just about anything these days, identity theft is a very common crime. It's never been easier for scammers to steal an identity or personal information and we need to protect ourselves from this type of threat.

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Pairing these factors with the fact that we also carry our wallets everywhere, often stuffed to the brim with old receipts, gift cards and credit cards, and we have a recipe for disaster. How many of us in Minnesota and Wisconsin have left our wallets at a bar or at a restaurant?

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It happens and is basically a right of passage for anyone. One time, my wallet got stolen out of my bag while I was on vacation. While I was able to cancel all my cards, it was a stark reminder that we carry our whole world inside a tiny pouch and that can have some big consequences.

Sometimes we may even have things in our wallet that we mean to clear out or needed at one point or another, like a passport, but forget to take it out when we are all done with it. These simple things can lead to a big headache in the future!

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That's why I scoured the internet to come up with a list of things we should not put in our wallets, or at least carry in our wallets for an extended period of time. If you are doing some early spring cleaning, start with your wallet!

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