Here we go again! A scam has been reported in Minnesota and this one would be easy to emulate right here in the Twin Ports. It involves a text message and a phishing link, and unfortunately, a believable ruse.

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This scam was first reported in Mankato, with city officials taking to Facebook to warn locals about the scam. Like I said, this could easily happen anywhere. All scammers need is your phone number.

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According to the warning, there is a text message being sent out to residents of North Mankato. The text message seems legitimate and has a link in it, with scammers asking residents to click the link to fill out a survey about issues in the city.

The text also claims that city officials are conducting the test using a certain platform called Dynata, which makes this scam seem a little more legitimate. However, city officials say they are not, nor are they conducting any surveys at this time.

I will say that the fake text message actually does look pretty real! It even includes the option to stop getting text messages from said number. That is something that you find in real text messages from brands and businesses you subscribe to.

As always, be careful of any sort of links you are sent, whether by text message or by email. Many times, these links end up to be phishing attempts from scammers. If you get a text like this, report it to your local police department.

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You should also spread the word to your family and friends, especially any older family members that may not think twice about getting a text like this. Stay vigilant out there!

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