One Wisconsin Mayor has decided to contest the latest proposed utility rate increase by "aggressively" defending the people that will bear the brunt of those increases.

How Much are The Proposed Increases?

According to a press release from the Mayor's office, the newly proposed increases would raise electric rates by 2.17%, gas rates by 17.11% and water rates by 17.97%, which is much higher than inflation. "That changes now" said Superior Mayor Jim Paine.

Mayor Paine is set to go before tonight's City Council meeting and ask for "permission to formally intervene and contest Superior Water, Light, and Power’s most recent request to increase utility rates in the city of Superior."

Jim Paine via Facebook
Jim Paine via Facebook

What is The Superior Mayor Trying to Do?

The requested rate increase must be approved by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, and according to the press release, the Mayor is asking for permission to "participate in that hearing or "intervene" by presenting evidence and offering arguments".

What is The Rate Increase For?

Mayor Paine claims that Superior Water, Light, and Power is trying to "avoid responsibility" for the "environmental remediation of a manufactured gas plant in Superior." The Mayor says that city run utilities haven't raised rates in over a decade, but the private utilities like SWL&P lack "careful fiscal management and responsible budgeting".


"We intend to aggressively defend our citizens and businesses, most of whom have not had income or revenue increases that would allow them to easily bear these significant new costs," said Paine.

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