If you're at all into action movies with big explosions, lots of guns, and plenty of violence, it's hard to argue that Terminator 2: Judgement Day shouldn't be high on your list.

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It certainly is for me, in fact, as iconic as the original Terminator is, I actually prefer number two over it.  Besides a good soundtrack featuring some Guns N' Roses, it's just all around done well.

I won't go into a synopsis of the film, since it's been out since 1991, but if you aren't familiar for some reason, the trailer is posted in here for you.

The reason I bring up this classic, is it's returning to the big screen for a limited run.  I dig it when theaters do this as it gives you a chance to see some of the classics the way I believe they were meant to be watched.

I also don't have a booming sound system setup for my at home movie watching, so it's fun to revisit films with proper sound for that more immersive experience.

As part of their "Retro" series, Marcus Theaters in Duluth is bringing the 1991 sci-fi action favorite back to the big screen.  A couple of showings are today, but there are also a couple on Wednesday, February 28th.

Do yourself a favor and round up a crew for this one as it might be a while again until you can see this iconic film as it was meant to be seen, on a massive screen and with proper sound.

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