A small town in Illinois is famous for its large-scale everyday item, which makes it deserving of the title The Most Unusual Town in Illinois.

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The website called alotofhealth.com created a list of the most unusual town in every state, and when they got to Illinois they chose the tiny town of Collinsville, Illinois, and they're right, it is the most unusual town in the Land of Lincoln. What makes Collinsville so unique? On the site they say...

"If you ever find yourself in the small town of Collinsville, Illinois, you won't be able to miss the world's largest ketchup bottle! This 65-foot hot sauce-shaped building is just one of many tourist attractions that contribute to a small town's charm and quirkiness...Every summer, visitors can also enjoy the annual Ketchup Festival, which features local food vendors and kids' activities sure to keep the entire family entertained."

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Collinsville loves its giant ketchup bottle, here is a Youtube video showing it off...

Notice how on the World's Largest Ketchup Bottle they spell Ketchup as Catsup.

I will say that I love when little towns across creat these things that make them stand out from other little towns. This town of Collinsville I'm sure does way better tourism than many other similarly sized midwestern cities all because of this giant ketchup bottle. If you live in a small town and want to help it out, do something like this, post it on social media, and help your town go viral!

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