The not-so-uncommon story of a little boy who was 3 when Covid shut the world down. By the time he reached 5, he was not prepared for a typical school day.

Another very memorable letter was sent to us, nominating a Teacher of the Week, but this one expressed gratefulness in a very new way. A way that was new to us, but as you'll soon read, maybe this isn't as uncommon as we think.

Congratulations to 97ZOK's new Teacher of the Week

Teacher of the Week Mrs. Laue Clark Elementary in South Beloit, Illinois
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Mrs. Laue from Clark Elementary in South Beloit, Illinois.

Mrs. Laue was nominated by Jenn Pautsch, the mother of one of her kindergartners.  Jenn writes,

Mrs. Laue is my youngest son's kindergarten teacher. She is the best teacher any of my three boys have ever had, and they've had some great ones. My youngest is Covid kid, he had just turned three when the world shut down, and so he had not socialized or had the structured world that my older two had. He never went to preschool, we didn't do much to supplement his learning at home because it just wasn't something I do well, and he had his older brothers teaching him about the world. So, he had zero educational experience and was somewhat, well, feral. Since starting with Mrs. Laue, he has learned all of his letters, most of the sounds, and is working on sounding out words. That is a collaboration of all the phenomenal staff at Clark. What makes Mrs. Laue special is her daily communication with me, her ability to let Anakin be Anakin while shaping him into an amazing little person that loves learning and knows how to follow the rules, and her absolute joy in both him as a person and in his successes at school. Knowing just how much her students mean to her, and just how much she cheers them on is such a blessing to my family. I was so worried about him being so far behind, socially and in education. She has put me at ease since day one, and I could never explain how much she means to us. I am beyond grateful for her, and I truly appreciate everything she has done for my son and so many other children just starting their journey in education.

Teacher of the Week Mrs. Laue Clark Elementary in South Beloit, Illinois

As Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Laue was surprised with a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and money to spend at WM Day Spa.

Mrs. Laue keeps her entire kindergarten family up to date with regular postings to her very creative blog.

Take a look at the entry for this cool Glow Day.

Teacher of the Week Mrs. Laue Clark Elementary in South Beloit, Illinois

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