Classic Illinois, why would the Land of Lincoln do a Tax-Free weekend to help parents with back-to-school shopping? That would be too kind... Here are the details on why Illinois WON'T have a tax-free weekend in 2023.

According to NBC Chicago, last year's tax-free weekend in the Land of Lincoln was a one-time deal. In an article posted on their website, they say...

"Illinoisans waiting to purchase certain items during a sales tax holiday will be disappointed this year. Officials confirmed to NBC Chicago the measure that gave many relief last August was only in place for 2022. The sales tax holiday was only approved for 2022 and won't be coming back this year, according to a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Revenue...Last year's sales tax holiday, which brought the tax rate down from 6.25% to 1.25%, began on Aug. 5 and ended on Aug. 14."

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This is the type of stuff that is undefendable when you talk about the Land of Lincoln. I try to fight the good fight for the state I'm born and raised in (and have lived my whole life in) but there is no way for me to spin this positively for the state. It stinks. Illinois is choosing not to help out its own people while so many of us are struggling to get by with inflation as high as it is. This is exactly the kind of thing that pushes people over the edge who live here, it makes their desire to leave stronger. Thankfully, we here in the Quincy area can just take our business to Missouri on their tax-free weekend.

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