Millions of years ago, you know, in the 90s, before we had social media, planning a proposal was a lot easier. I'm assuming. But I think it's a pretty safe assumption. 

Yes, there were still plenty of men and women who worked hard to plan the best proposal ever for the love of their life, but they didn't have the whole world judging their efforts of social media.

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These days, whenever you decide to pop the question, you know you'll have to show off photographer evidence of the moment your love says 'I, do.' That can be a lot of pressure!

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360 CHICAGO is trying to help you out.

National Proposal Day is March 20 (who knew... I would've expected it to be in December) and to celebrate 360 CHICAGO released a marriage proposal package so you can plan the perfect moment without having to so too much work.

If you don't know, 360 CHICAGO is the top of the former John Hancock building (this was news to me, too).

360 CHICAGO is a place you can visit to pretend you're in the sky on their TILT ride or by grabbing a drink at the CloudBar. 

That's where the proposals happen!

B. Kaker Productions
B. Kaker Productions

According to 360 CHICAGO, the proposal package includes:

Exclusive access to the deck’s Merrill Semi-Private Event Space for
a full hour... decorated with rose petals, candles and a “Marry Me” light up sign for the occasion. A high-top table with seating will also be available for the couple to
embrace the moment, take in the views and enjoy a specialty cocktail.

I mean, sounds like they're doing all the work for you right? The package is $500, and also includes tickets to ride on TILT and drinks at CloudBar.

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What do you think? Does buying a package like this create the perfecr proposal? Would you prefer something unique? Let us know in the app chat!

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