Sometimes you learn things then later wish you hadn't. This is one of those for me, but it's important to get the issue out in the open so hopefully it can be dealt with and we find a way to stop it from happening in the future. Illinois has a shameful surge of rape cases that make it one of the primary problem places in America.

I'll confess that I almost didn't deal with this topic. It seems odd for a man to be sharing news of an upsurge in rape cases in Illinois, but the more I thought about it, the more I'm convinced that we'd be better off if more men did stand up and deal with this tragedy and find a way to come to the rescue of women being victimized by this awful wave of violence.

Wise Voter shared terrible numbers of rape cases in the United States and their data on Illinois is among the worst. These numbers hurt (literally):

  • Reported Rape Incidents in Illinois - 4,834
  • Rape Arrests - 15
  • Sex Offenses Arrests - 14

For the record, the number of rape incidents in Illinois is 7th worst in America. The despicable miniscule number of rape arrests is 50th in America. Pathetic and unacceptable. 

One of the most frustrating aspects of this horrific problem especially in Illinois is there's no one easy answer on what to do to stop violence against women. I think more men standing up and refusing to allow perpetrators to get away with it would help, but that would turn us all into vigilantes which presents another set of problems.

Yes, there are support groups for Illinois women that become victims. But, unless there are better efforts to investigate and prosecute the guilty, we'll likely see this terrible and shameful trend continue in Illinois and elsewhere.

Surely, we are a better society than this.

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