While I was born and raised in Missouri, I will admit that not every place in my birth date is ideal. There are some so-called experts who claim you should specifically avoid 14 Missouri places no matter what. Let's see if you agree with their conclusions.

There is some science behind this Missouri place avoidance theory, by the way. Niche has some of the most detailed and comprehensive factors they consider when recommending (or in this case not) where you should consider living in Missouri. Public school systems, crime and safety, economics...I could go on as they have literally dozens of metrics they compute before they grade a city or town.

I've tried to simplify this to one basic overall grade that they give a Missouri place. These are the 14 Missouri places that got the lowest grade of "D" for overall quality of life meaning you should avoid them if at all possible.

There's one thing that many of these places have in common and that's because several are "suburbs of St. Louis" in the Niche description.

I'd like to add a few final thoughts. First, I have no doubt there are fine people that live in these Missouri places and this is nothing personal against them. Second, this is not a list I concocted. It's data used by Niche to rate places to live. I have many friends who either have lived in the St. Louis area or still do and they're very happy. My family has traveled to and from the big city many times in my life and not once have I ever felt like we were in danger. But, would I move there? Nope. Not the lifestyle for me.

I would never use one ranking or just one website to determine where I would or wouldn't live. I share this as a starter to help get research going for anyone that's curious.

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