Get ready (if they haven't presented already), allergy season is coming sooner than we would like. If you suffer from seasonal allergies there are two towns in Missouri you are going to want to avoid at all costs.

The flowers are blooming, the farmers are in the field, and you're sneezing and rubbing your eyes all day long. It's spring and with that brings spring allergies. Like you, I suffer every year, not for long, but losing enough to get ready for the next few weeks.

Allergy Ranking


There are two towns according to the Allergy Capitals 2024 list in Missouri that rank among the highest for allergy. St. Louis (ranked 76) and Kansas City (ranked 20). You name it the Midwest has it. Tree pollen, grass pollen, weed pollen, and the air itself (ok maybe not that but it can get pretty bad here).  There is good news. We are not number one on the list, that honor belongs to Wichita, Kansas.

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I love to open my windows are enjoy fresh air, but it's impossible this time of year and in the fall. I get double-wammied every year, but thanks to modern medicine I can at least sit outside for a few minutes before I start sneezing my head off.

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