The days of the old DMV are coming to an end in the Land of Lincoln, so what exactly does this "new" DMV of the future look like? Here is what we know so far...

According to an article from NBC Chicago, the DMV in Plano, Illinois is one of the first to see the new updated design for the future of DMVs in the state. The press release says this new DMV design will feature a "One Stop Shop" design where customers aren't funneled into different lines and different parts of the DMV for different services.

The article goes on to mention that this new design is also coming out along with the previous announcement of the expanded online services, where the state is encouraging you to stay home and do everything online, avoiding the DMV completely. To read more about the DMV changes in the Land of Lincoln, click here!

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Why all these changes?

The state of Illinois is making all of these changes for one reason only...MONEY. They want to employ fewer people and shut down DMV locations, they want you to do 95% of the work yourself at home on your computer, and then when you go into the "New & Improved" DMV there will be one desk with one employee who can help you with everything else. The writing is on the wall, why else would they expand online at-home services, and condense their services to one counter? The state is going to let go of DMV employees and close down locations, that is my prediction for the real DMV of the future.

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