So, what is a Bud & Breakfast and what is the nightly rate?

Since the sale and use of recreational cannabis was legalized in Michigan in 2018, we've seen many businesses pop up in this new and thriving industry.  In fact, the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek areas have more dispensaries than any other region in the state of Michigan.  I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that right here in Southwest Michigan we have a Bud & Breakfast.  I stumbled upon a TikTok featuring The Sanctuary.  Take a look inside this home and see what the buzz is about.

Bud and Breakfast in Niles, Michigan

If you can't see the TikTok filmed by Dalasia Jackson about the Sanctuary below, click here.

The rental rate is currently $235 a night on their website.  This rate may change depending on the dates.  You can get more info and rent the Sanctuary by clicking here.

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