Due to snowy weather and cold temps, winter usually keeps most of us indoors more than we would like. And finding ways to get out and enjoy the season can be difficult. But, one Illinois boat company offers a fun, unforgettable way to enjoy Chicago's Winter Wonderland.

Chicago Electric Boat Company
Chicago Electric Boat Company

Chicago Electric Boat Company Offers A Unique Way to Enjoy Winter

Floating in a hot tub is one way to get outdoors and enjoy the winter weather. But, floating in a hot tub built into a boat, is a whole new level of fun. Chicago Electric Boat Company's private hot tub boats allow you to cruise along the Chicago River even in chilly temps. The boats are equipped with underwater lights, floating cup holders, and coolers, plus waterproof Bluetooth speakers so just bring your drinks and relax.

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Explore the Chicago Winter Wonderland in a Hot Tub Boat

The hot tub boat accommodates six people and takes you on a 90-minute cruise along the Chicago River. Riders must be at least 13 years old. Hot tub boats are available to rent between the hours of noon to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The cost is $250 on weekdays and $315 on weekends. Water in the tubs will be cleaned after each rental, using multiple filtering cycles, UV lights, and saltwater cleansing.

And if you’re looking to stay warm but dry, Chicago Electric Boat Company also offers heated Duffy boats that accommodate up to 12 passengers. Retro boats, pontoons and yachts are also available to rent.

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