Let's face it: we all need a chunky payday.

The lottery picks and chooses it's moments. This week, a $2 million Powerball winner from Iowa came forward months after the ticket was sold. Last week, an Iowa firefighter won $1 million from Powerball. And let's not even start on the amount of winners in Illinois and Iowa that win bank from scratch-offs.

Getting a scratch-off or a Powerball ticket is a great level of delusional I find every once in a while but there might be a key to winning it.

Experts Have Tips To Win

Strong Sales Push Powerball Jackpot To $250 Million
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Stefan Mandel is a mathematician who was able to hack the system and won the lottery 14 times, now retiring on a remote island. He gave Business Insider the details. Two parts of it aren't legal in the U.S. anymore but a few of the steps could help you figure out what numbers to pick.

  1. Calculate the total number of combinations. For a lottery that makes you pick 6 numbers anywhere from 1 to 40, that's 3,838,380.
  2. Find lotteries where the jackpot is 3 times or more the number of possible combinations
  3. Raise enough money to pay for each combination (so you'd have to get investors onboard here)
  4. Buy tickets for each combination
  5. Win money. And pay back your investors.

But a professor told USA Today that really the only way to actually up your chance of winning the lottery is to buy more tickets. Another expert told CBS that a lottery winner hopeful should literally just pick random numbers. Don't try to use things like birthdays or anniversaries.

How To Win Money Without Spending It

Luckily, right now, you don't have to spend money to win $30,000. We have your chance to win that money now! Listen to our station for codes Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and when you hear those numbers, enter them in on our app.

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