We love decorating for Christmas this time of the year, but how far do you take it?

Whenever you choose to deck the halls, you have to admit, it's fun to cover the inside and outside of your house in holiday garb. I even turned my work cubicle into Whoville one year. It's the time of the year you want to be surrounded by all things merry and bright and just not check your electric bill.


Around this time of the year, you've also likely seen folks drive around in cars that have been decked out in Christmas lights and look as bright as a $40,000 Christmas tree rolling down the road. Sure it looks cool, but is it actually legal to drive a car that's decked out for the season in Illinois?

Christmas Lights On Cars In Illinois

@clubsportrally Instagram
@clubsportrally Instagram

You can actually put Christmas lights on your car for things like parades (there's a specific way to do it). You can also get your car in the Christmas spirit with items besides lights. One of my favorite things I've seen was a Grinch doll smashed against the front grill. You can use plush reindeer antlers and a red nose or put a wreath on your spare tire.

All of those are probably better ideas than putting Christmas lights on your car in Illinois.

Illinois has a very strict vehicle lighting code. There are some lighting combinations that are acceptable and Christmas or holiday lights are not among them. The code reads:

Unless otherwise expressly authorized by this Code, all other lighting or combination of lighting on any vehicle shall be prohibited.

Illinois State Police Sgt. Matt Boerwinkle told Chicago Tribune that Christmas lights would be considered illegal on cars.

The law isn't there to ruin your holiday fun. It's so other drivers don't confuse your Christmas light-covered car with an emergency vehicle flashing lights.

It's legal (not to mention easier) to choose a plush costume or non-lit Christmas accessories for your car this year.

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