It was a rough start to the week for employees at several restaurants throughout the country.  According to CNN, 48 popular restaurants are now listed as "temporarily closed" throughout the country including several locations in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.

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Susan Vineyard ThinkStock

Popular Restaurant Closed 48 Locations Abruptly Throughout the Country

It's not a secret that Red Lobster has had challenges lately.  About a month ago, Dunken at 106.9 KROC reported that the company with 650 locations throughout the country was considering bankruptcy.

According to Bloomberg, Red Lobster's finances have taken a hit due to expensive lease agreements and high labor expenses, along with other problems. Filing for bankruptcy would give them a chance to continue operating while they figure out how to reduce their debts. -

Red Lobster Locations Now Listed on Auction Site

As employees are learning that their job is no longer available, plans were already in the works with an auction company to list the contents inside 50+ Red Lobster restaurants.  According to, the items are up for bid now and will be closing on Thursday, May 16th.

As of today, select Red Lobster locations are CLOSED. On our Restaurant Equipment marketplace, we are auctioning off 50+ locations across the country. These auctions are WINNER TAKES ALL – meaning, each winner will receive the ENTIRE contents of the Red Lobster location they bid on. Auctions are live and will end periodically on Thursday, May 16, 2024. -

What Red Lobster Locations Are Now Closed?

Red Lobster does have updates on their website with hours listed as "closed" for locations that seem to be temporarily closed.  Google has also been updated with "temporarily closed" for Red Lobster locations.  The best list though (and easiest to navigate so far) was on the auction site.

Sadly, Red Lobsters in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois are on the list.  See all sites that are stated to be closed below:

  • Alabama - Auburn, Decatur
  • California - Redding, Rohnert Park, Sacramento, San Diego, Torrance
  • Colorado - Denver, Lakewood, Lone Tree, Wheat Ridge
  • Florida - Altamonte Springs, Gainseville, Hialeah, Largo, Orlando
  • Georgia - Athens, Roswell, Dublin
  • Idaho - Lewiston
  • Illinois - Bloomingdale, Danville
  • Indiana - Indianapolis, Elkhart
  • Iowa - Council Bluffs, Waterloo
  • Maryland - Gaithersburg, Columbia, Silver Spring, Laurel
  • Michigan - Fort Gratiot
  • Mississippi - D'lberville
  • New York - Amherst, Kingston, Rochester
  • New Jersey - Ledgewood
  • North Dakota - Grand Forks
  • Oklahoma - Lawton
  • South Carolina - Myrtle Beach
  • Texas - Lake Jackson, Longview, San Antonio
  • Virginia - Colonial Heights, Williamsburg, Newport News
  • Washington - Silverdale
  • Wisconsin - Wauwatosa, La Crosse
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