Minnesota has been getting quite a bit of attention over the past few years when it comes to movies. Many movies have been filmed in Duluth recently and big names have come to scope out our state for future filmings.

We're also home to many talented actors and one of them was just cast for a major role in a movie.

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Celebrities Who Are From Minnesota

Believe it or not, we have quite a few big-name celebrities from Minnesota. Some of those include...

Jessica Biel

Special Screening Of Universal Pictures' "Trolls: Band Together" - Arrivals
Leon Bennett, Getty Images

Chris Pratt

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 World Premiere
Jesse Grant, Getty Images for Disney

and Winona Ryder.

Netflix's "Stranger Things" Season 4 Premiere
Cindy Ord, Getty Images

And another Minnesota-born actor is making his way to the top. His name is Ben Wang.

Minnesota Actor Cast as Next Karate Kid

Ben Wang has been in just a handful of movies and TV shows. His most recent work includes 'Sight', 'American Born Chinese', and 'Chang Can Dunk'.

Disney+ Original Series "American Born Chinese" New York Premiere
Dominik Bindl, Getty Images

Now he has been cast to play an iconic movie role. This role is also the title character of the movie. Ben Wang is going to be the next Karate Kid. He'll be starring alongside Jackie Chan (who was in the 2010 version) and Ralph Macchio (who was the original Karate Kid in 1984), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Screening Of Columbia Pictures' "The Karate Kid"
Tom Pennington, Getty Images

What an amazing opportunity for him! His biggest work right now is 'American Born Chinese', which you can find on Disney+, but snagging an iconic role like this is a whole other level.

The movie is set to come out on December 13th of this year.

And keep scrolling for other Minnesota-born celebrities and their net worth!

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