This Valentine's Day, skip the flowers and chocolate and learn how to make cocktails at a Wisconsin taco restaurant's anti-Valentine's Day cocktail class. 

We are just a week away from Valentine's Day, which for some singles, can be a little stressful. Watching couples in love post gushy photos on social media, exchange flowers and candy, it can be a lot if you're not feeling the love this year.

So maybe skip going to dinner on February 14 and find an Anti-Valentine's Day party to head to instead.

If you're in the Beloit area, you might want to hit up Truk't on February 15 for their Anti-Valentine's Day Cocktail Class.

The class is on Thursday, February 15 at 7pm and includes drinks, dessert and an 'ex-flame photo booth,' with your purchase of a $35 ticket.

While you're there, you'll learn to make a maple bourbon mocha cocktail and a strawberry churro cheesecake cocktail. The drinks are paired with a cinnamon chocolate brownie with caramel drizzle and powdered sugar, according to their Facebook event page. 

What's an 'ex-flame booth?' Exactly what you think it is. A chance for you to bring a photo of your ex and light it up in flames in a photo booth.

Truk't suggests wearing black for the anti-Valentine's Day party, which lasts until 8:30pm.

If Beloit isn't your style, there's a Heartbreak bar waiting for you in Chicago, where you can shred your ex's photo and drink their tears.

'Crushed, A Heartbreak Bar' is at the Virgin Hotels Chicago on the second floor through the first weekend in March, where you can order the 'Liar,' 'Cheater,' and 'Manipulator,' shots.

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