When Cheap Trick agrees to perform a show at a concert venue there are specific items that the band requires before they hit the stage.

Cheap Trick Requirements For Playing Concerts

Putting on a concert costs a lot of money and it's not easy. Besides the band's fee, there are a bunch of other expenses you have to take care of. Those add up very quickly. You've got the staging, lights, sound, and any other equipment needed for the show. There's also the rider.

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If you're not familiar, the rider is a list of items that a band requires to perform a show at a concert venue. Much of it is food and beverages. Some for that night and other things to take with them on the tour bus. It's not like that can hit the grocery store between dates.

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The rider list is always very interesting. Of course, many musicians don't ask for ordinary stuff. They need special items that could be hard to find and costly. That is where the whole Van Halen and no brown M&M's came from. They wanted to make sure promoters were reading the contract. Cheap Trick's rider is actually pretty easy.

Cheap Trick (Live Nation Celebrates The 3rd Annual National Concert Day)
Cheap Trick Show Rider (Michael Loccisano)

Check out some of the items on Cheap Trick's rider...

  • EMT, oxygen tank, and mask on each side of the stage.
  • Menus from local restaurants for the band to order meals.
  • Postcard from your state or city.
  • 3 coolers on stage (Mexican Coca-Cola).
  • Towels: 36 white bath & 12 black hand (washed & no stains).
  • 3 bars of soap (Tom’s of Maine or Dr. Bronner’s).
  • Bag of cookies (Nutter Butter or Chips Ahoy).
  • Bag of chips (BBQ, salt, pepper, weird, or surprise them).
  • Robin Zander: 6 local IPAs, six bottles of Heineken 0.0 non-alcoholic beer, and Baily's Irish Cream (1 small or 2 shot-sized).
  • Daxx Nielsen: 6 bottles of Spotted Cow.
  • Robin Taylor Zander: 6 cold IPAs (in plastic bag near the stage), 8 Solo cups, and small bottle of Jack Daniels.
  • Rick Nielsen: Travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, Johnson & Johnson baby powder; roll of toilet paper, 2 kiddie-size bottles of 2% milkpack of cherry juice-infused Craisins; and 2 organic bananas.
  • Restrooms, showers, and toilets must be clean, disinfected, and odor-free.


  • Folding chairs (comfy seating needed in all dressing rooms).
  • Mango-flavored drinks.
  • Dasani or Aquafina water.
  • Orange juice with pulp.
  • Styrofoam cups.


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