Just for fun, we wanted to know what Rockford businesses would be better if they had a bar inside it, and the answers we got from residents did not disappoint.

Life With Young Kids

As a parent with young kids, I spend a lot of my weekends going to sport games and birthday parties. Don't get me wrong, I cherish these years when my kids are young and want to hang out with me, but sometimes mommy needs a little adult fun too.


Sure, we can make plans to go out for a night with friends minus kids, but babysitters are expensive and often a hassle to find. (Not to mention I would also feel like a selfish jerk if I hired someone to take my kids to a party or soccer game), so what's a parent to do?

The other day Sweet Lenny and I were talking about Rockford businesses that would be even better if they had a bar, (my number one answer was FLOW Supreme Air Sports!), so we decided to take the question to Facebook...

Many of the responses we received to that question had us laughing out loud or wishing it would come true. I'm assuming most of these places were chosen because a bar would make the business more tolerable or more enjoyable, I think we can all agree that in reality having a bar in most of these places would never be a good idea. LOL.

None the less, here are 10 of our favorite answers...

10 Rockford Businesses That Would Be Better With a Bar Inside It

Gallery Credit: Canva

Do you have another idea for a Rockford area business that would benefit from a bar inside it? Send us an app message!

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