The Billboard Music Awards were last night (May 1), but perhaps the bigger news story of the evening was the not-so-secret wedding between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner after the BBMAs. The two have been engaged for quite some time, but decided to pull the trigger while in Las Vegas for the awards show. Now, the Elvis impersonator (Jesse Garon (aka "Reverend Elvis Presley")) who married the couple is spilling the tea on how everything went down.

Garon tells Entertainment Tonight that he didn't know whose wedding he was officiating until six minutes before it happened. "They told us about a week in advance that [a couple] had rented out the place, but they wouldn't tell us who it was," he recalled before admitting he didn't recognize Turner because he's not familiar with Game of Thrones. "But until I got here [yesterday], I didn't know who it was."

"They rented the chapel from 8 to 12 p.m. but they really only used it from about 9-10:30, so it was pretty fast," he added. "[They had] a bouquet, flowers and photographs."

As far as requests, Turner and Jonas didn't really have any other than a performance of "Speechless" by country duo Dan + Shay. "They sang really good, and then we did our ceremony and then at the end we did a little 'Viva Las Vegas' for them," he shared. "All the fellas jumped in and they enjoyed the heck out of it. We gave [Joe] some Elvis glasses, and a little bit of advice as he goes on his wedding night. We had a good ol' time!"

Joe's brothers, Nick and Kevin, were both in attendance and acted as co-best men.

"They did a very important job. In case [Joe] passed out, they were supposed to catch him," Garon quipped. "They did great."

"It was crazy," he continued. "These guys are all entertainers, obviously. They were loud when they needed to be loud, they dressed the part, for sure. And you could tell it was a tight-knit group of people, but it was about 40 deep."

One of those people was Diplo, who was the first to break the marriage news through videos and photos.  "Diplo was the first one who came up to me, put his arm around me, wanted to take a picture. Cool guy," Garon gushed. "It was a big [crowd] for a Vegas wedding. You think five or six is 'big' for a Vegas wedding... so, you get 40 people to come down and do something with you, it's quite impressive."

Though the couple tied the knot domestically, they're still planning a family affair in Paris — and Garon wants an invite. "[Joe] told me that he did some research, he looked at Elvis impersonators and had picked me," he continues. "I was flattered by that. I hope I get my invitation to that Paris wedding as well!"

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