July 21 doesn't take the number one spot, but it is pretty high up there.

Today is my dad's birthday, Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for teaching me all kinds of things, especially that if you can't stop coughing or something itches, just blow your nose and you'll be fine.

Try it, it works.

So today is July 21, which is generally the hottest day of the year, and also one of those days when I log on to Facebook and realize I know so many people who were born today.

There were also a bunch of birthdays on Facebook earlier this week, and coming up this weekend, so what gives, is July 21 the most popular birthday?

Nope, but it does come in at number 45, which is pretty high out of 366 possible days. You have to include leap day, though statistically it is the least popular birthday ever.

In 2006, The New York Times put together this list of all the days in the year and ranked them in birthday popularity.

What took the top spot? September 16. Yep, right now I'm on Facebook checking my September 16 bday stats.

I have zero friends with September 16 birthdays. I don't know what to do with that, maybe I need more friends.

According to Medical Daily, there are plenty of reasons why September 16 is the most popular birthday, blame cold winters and holiday parties, while in turn, December 25 is actually the second least popular birthday. Weirdly, December 30 is a pretty popular day to be born.

September 9 is the second most popular birthday, followed by September 23 and September 17.

My birthday, April 14 is number 257, what's yours?

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