Who knew she'd have such a great Sugar Ray story?

Last week, Whitney Martin took over the Retro Lunch, and this week I had another visitor, Kaycee Chiarello from Euberah at the CherryVale mall.

Kaycee is a huge fan of Prince and Michael Jackson, so I thought we'd have a little fun before we went on the air playing 'Prince or MJ' on Facebook LIVE.

Then it was time to go in the studio, where I got to hang out with Kaycee, learn about her job and also hear all about the song, 'Every Morning' by Sugar Ray, which she will never forget was playing on MTV when she was giving birth to her oldest son.

I've never heard a more motivating Sugar Ray story. Thanks so much, Kaycee!

You can co-host the Retro Lunch, too! Just let me know you wanna spend your Friday lunch with me, and maybe Madonna or Britney.