Kristen Bell unveiled a show-stopping neckline at the 2017 Golden Globes last night (January 8), but her ensemble was hiding one even more daring accessory: butt pads.

As part of an Instagram story that chronicled Bell's getting-ready routine, The Good Place actress shared an image in which she proudly showed off a prosthetic rear end, underscored by purple arrows.

Moreover, Bell didn't shy away from any of her routine's less-flattering moments, and shared images that found her in a pre-makeup daze while drinking coffee and wearing a tin foil-covered mask (or, as she put it in her caption: "I'm preparing for the golden globes...Or an alien abduction.")

Kristen Bell Face Mask

Bell's fans praised the actress for being sincere — one noted "Hahaha I love the fact that you keep it so real! Give us girls hope," while another wrote "Thank You so much for sharing this image! You are stunning and prove that even with no make-up, women are beautiful!"

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