If you're looking for something to do this weekend and you want to get out of Rockford, I highly suggest going to Lake Geneva's annual Winterfest.

Bundle up, though; you'll spend most of your time outside admiring the beautiful snow sculptures and standing outside, waiting to get into Popeye's for a bowl of their delicious broccoli cheese soup. It's worth it, though.

Another word of advice, please don't park on the lake.

According to Fox 6 Milwaukee, the Lake Geneva police have banned people from parking on the ice after more than 15 cars fell through the ice two years ago.

Cars Fall into Geneva Lake
Joe Nanez via Facebook

Remember that?

If you're planning on attending, can park in the metered stalls, which are free during the off-season (take advantage, even if you have to walk 10 blocks) and there is also a free shuttle running from The Home Depot and Veterans Park to U.S. Bank located downtown.

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